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We are a media production resources company that provides a 360 service in order to make creative ideas happen. Our vision is to bring together innovation, creativity and technology. Our team of creatives, designers and technical experts provides Event Designs, Audio Visual projection and Video Production using the latest technologies in lighting, projection, LED screening, laser, media servers, and power generators. In addition to providing different services like mobile venues and central air conditioning systems.



Through 30 years of hardwork, lighting production was just the beginning for Hilights to become the lead innovative media production company in the MENA region.
Over the years, Hilights has been run by a highly skilled team that uses the latest technology in production. We became the sole distributor for VariLite & Strand lighting systems, and we’ve added to our work over 6000 m2 of LED screens, more than 150 video projectors, media servers, graphics artwork and video production. We also provide a wide range of over 25 kilometres of trussing systems and creative structures, power generators, decorations , tents and air conditioning, and mobile venues up to 6000 m2.
We built our business to become a 360 provider for our clients, serving their demands and satisfaction. We expanded our offices beyond Egypt to Dubai and Riyadh. We are proud to own a record of valuable partners and impactful projects around the MENA region.
Your imagination, inspires our creation.

  • Quality
  • Accuracy
  • Safety
  • Reliance


We provide an all-inclusive production resources service, starting from creative designing and production to technical innovation, giving your project the twist and quality to make it stand-out. Our committed, reliable team will artistically handle your project, and is always ready to help through ever challenge.

  • Quality
  • Aesthetic
  • Time
  • Professionalism


Our desire for challenging our limits has put us in a trustworthy place for high-profile clients. We progressively scale up every project to match the weight of our clients, aiming to establish an international client-base.


Our team has proved to be reliable by giving all projects and clients the effort and quality they deserve.





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