The Pharaohs’ Golden Parade


The Pharaoh’s Golden Parade was an event that made the world turn their eyes to Egypt, as twenty-two mummies belonging to the Kings and Queens of Ancient Egypt were transferred from the Egyptian Museum to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Fustat.


Our Work

Hilights Group had the privilege of lighting up the path of the parade. Illuminated the great pyramids with its four sides, the sphinx and its surrounding area, and the road linking them together. with only one control, one operator, and a secured wireless system.

In addition to the entire Tahrir Square with buildings around it wirelessly with one control! Not only that; also, Hatshepsut Temple, Saqqara pyramid, the Egyptian Museum, and The Grand Museum. And to reach the level of this gigantic event it required a gigantic amount of studies designs all with the leading technology and equipment in the world.

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