Another page of history was written in the city of 100 entryways Thebes (Luxor). The opening ceremony of “Rams Road” bewildered the world, while the melodies of “Amon Chant ” were played, the sacred boat ventured out from Karnak temple to Luxor temple in a solemn procession that made the world travel back in time to the period of the pharaohs.


Our Work

Hilights group provided more than 20,000 lighting fixtures that Illuminated all of Luxor for the first time in its history, 2700 meters of the sphinx avenue, a crossing between Karnak & Luxor temple. Our great team used all the latest technology of Led architectural lighting, outdoor beams moving light fixtures, Video projectors, motorized led screens, Media servers, Millions of Power & Signal cables. Over more than 50 days 24 hours working to create this piece of art to show the beauty of the Great City of Luxor. Not only that, #Hilightsgroup also took part in production and decor, captivating the world and attracting all eyes to the world’s greatest open-air museum, Luxor

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