At Hilights, we care about the safety of our people, and we proactively prevent harm and accidents by providing safety measures to ensure a safe working environment. We are actively seeking to create the culture to which we aspire; a company culture in which each of us takes responsibility for their own safety and, in so far is reasonable, that of their workmates.


At HiLights, we care about the health and wellness of our people, and we are continuously working not just to sustain the wellbeing of our people and community but to improve their wellbeing. Our aim is to manage our workplace environments in a way that effectively minimizes the exposure to hazards that may result in long term health issues. We are determined to monitor what our people are exposed to and assess the risk that these exposures may create to protect them. Another important aspect of Health and Wellness is injury management. If a member of our team is injured at the workplace, we strive to ensure they are looked after, and fully supported in their efforts to return to work.


Doing what is right – because we care.

We are committed to building a more sustainable future by choosing premium solutions with improved energy consumption. There are clear societal expectations that to sustain business and create reliable returns for shareholders, we must act in a manner that is both ethical and creates shared value for the community. At all times, we seek to minimize harm to our people, our community, and the environment.