The Blue Zone in COP27 is a space that falls over 60,000 meters which gathers delegations from all participating parties, hosts panels, discussions, side events and exhibits.

What We Did

Hilights covered the entire 60,000 meters of the Blue Zone with fine wood cladding that has been specifically manufactured for COP27 that held up objectives of conference of the parties.

The Main Gate

The main gate to the Blue Zone was entirely executed by Hilights team and illuminated with blue lighting to resemble a melting ice mountain, to refer to mountain glaciers quickly melting all over the world and deliver the urgency of decision making regarding climate change.

Also spread Glass Boxes that carry mini trees with branding and large intertwined umbrellas to provide shade.

Audio Visual Solutions

Custom made mini rounded screens, spread all over the Blue Zone, produced by Hilights to feature shorts about climate change and Cop27 Egypt starred by the Egyptian actor Amir El Masry.

The multi-dimensional, high – resolution screen which showcased multiple shorts and messages that held COP27 ‘s objectives and goals.

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