Kinetic Balls – Motion in Action

Kinetic Lights is a remote controllable cable winch with hanging LED lights modules. The control software is responsible for dynamically adjusting the light modules with the position, speed, luminance and colour. By synchronizing position and light animation, complex shapes and light patterns can be generated within a flexible array of winches and light elements. A standard truss clamp and DMX signal connection allows the system to be integrated in any event setup.

Kinetic Balls – The System

Existing objects are RGB light balls with 15, 20, 25 and 35cm sizes, but a whole host of objects can be attached to the motor unit. A light ball, or other object, is connected to a motor unit. Using very thin, specially designed, reinforced flat, signal cable the motor unit can move objects up and down with precision. Each light ball can be adjusted individually in height, speed, colour and luminance – simply by industry standard control equipment. Bespoke array creations of controllable motor units with light balls can generate complex three-dimensional abstract shapes and visual effects.

Kinetic Balls Lighting has three different modes known as interactive, static and dynamic. The Interactive mode can react to external stimuli such as sound, touch, or movement. For example, the balls can adjust their color or position based on the music or the audience’s behavior. The Static mode can remain in a fixed position or pattern without moving. For example, the balls can display a logo, a shape or a word on the ceiling. The Dynamic mode can move in a preset or random manner according to the DMX controller. For example, the balls can go up and down, swing and rotate.

SLS Expo 2023 – HiLights Booth Design

Our team of creatives, designers and engineers at HiLights Group used the Kinetic balls, Madrix Lighting Control, to create an astonishing stage effect using the LED lights and DMX winches which created dynamic and colourful movements at the SLS EXPO 2023 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The SLS Expo attendees were drawn to the display of light and motion, and we were thrilled to witness such curiosity and interest in our high tech equipment. The versatility and innovation of the Kinetic Lighting system were key elements in showcasing our creative and visionary approach in business.

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