HiLights Group: Your Ultimate Smart Venues Provider

At HiLights Group we are always seeking the latest technological innovations for our full event solutions. The continuous demands in the market for smart and mobile event venues have been a key factor for us to focus on providing these solutions for our clients. We are thrilled to share that we provide the ultimate smart venue structures for all your event needs. Our innovative and visually striking Smart Venue Structures are designed to create unforgettable experiences, whether you’re hosting mega-events, grand galas, conferences, art exhibitions, or concerts. With a range of options to choose from, including the Fancy Venue, Dome Venue, Golden Venue, and Smart Venue, we guarantee a seamless and satisfying experience for both clients and attendees.

The Golden Venue embodies grandeur, strength, and flexibility. With 60 meters in width, 100 meters in length, and up to 22 meters in height, it accommodates a variety of events. These venues can be used individually or combined to create a larger venue, making them ideal for weddings, exhibitions, and versatile warehousing needs. The absence of centre columns ensures unobstructed space, and the customizable sizing guarantees a perfect fit for any occasion.

Our Smart Venue stands out for its massive strength and universal appeal. Perfect for hosting large events, weddings, and exhibitions, this structure offers unparalleled interior space utilization. With outer beams every 5 meters, it can be expanded up to 40 meters in width and 130 meters in length delivering a transformative experience in various settings. The elimination of centre columns ensures limitless length possibilities and a towering height of up to 11 meters. The installation period varies based on size, ranging from two days for smaller halls to fifteen days for larger ones, providing a reliable solution without compromising on capacity

Enhance your event further with our enchanting Dancing Fountain service. Combining precision, artistry, and technology, our state-of-the-art fountains create a breathtaking choreography of water, lights, and music. Whether it’s a grand gala or an intimate gathering, our Dancing Fountains gracefully dance and sway to synchronized music, offering a vibrant canvas of patterns and colours. With professional systems that include Water Projection Screens, Special FX, Laser Show Technologies, and Atmospheric and Graphics FX, our Dancing Fountains leave a lasting impression and complement any event theme or concept.

Our smart venue structures offer numerous benefits to enhance your event experience: Flame Retardant and Tear-resistant materials ensure safety and durability. Thermal Comfort provides a pleasant environment regardless of external weather conditions. Dimensional Stability ensures structural integrity, eliminating worries of deformation. Visual Comfort offers aesthetically pleasing spaces that resonate with your event concept. Wind Resistance guarantees stability, even in challenging weather conditions. Quick Installation Time saves valuable time during event preparations. UV Resistance ensures long-term durability and protection against fading. Acoustic Comfort offers a serene space with optimal sound quality. Sustainability Features showcase our commitment to eco-friendly practices.

At HiLights Group, we pride ourselves on providing the ultimate smart venue structures to make your events extraordinary. From visually striking options like the Fancy Smart Venue and Dome Smart Venue to grand and flexible choices like the Golden Smart Venue and Smart Structure Venue, our structures are designed to meet your unique requirements flawlessly. Enhance your event even further with our enchanting Dancing Fountain service, adding a touch of magic and wonder. Trust HiLights Group to create immersive experiences with our innovative and versatile smart venue structures.

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