HiLights: Creating Immersive Experiences

Founded in 1993, HiLights Group is a leading event solutions company operating throughout Egypt and the MENA region. We have shaped and transformed the events and entertainment industry by introducing creative and technological innovations for over 30 years. Established in Egypt and expanded throughout the Gulf region in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates with continuous plans for expansion regionally over the next years.

HiLights is the sole distributor for VariLite & Strand lighting systems, and we have added to our capabilities over 6000 m2 of LED screens, 150 projectors and media servers. We own 25 kilometers of trussing systems and creative structures, advanced power generators, latest decorations, smart venues, and mobile air conditioning solutions.

Our mission is to keep creating global, iconic, and memorable event experiences to connect, inspire and transform the events and entertainment industry.

SLS Expo 2023 – HiLights showcasing VariLite Equipment

HiLights Group was thrilled to exhibit at the SLS, Saudi Light and Sound Expo, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to showcase the wide range of VariLite equipment.

“VariLite offers an end-to-end portfolio of advanced control, consoles, and power solutions that the world’s top lighting designers and consultants rely on to create memorable looks that amaze. VariLite’s lighting solutions maximise reusability, serviceability, and upgradeability while minimizing value destruction to preserve value and avoid waste-to-landfill.”

HiLights is proud to showcase and distribute VariLite products in the MENA and Gulf region due to its high quality and technology that follows our brand’s vision in the events and entertainment industry.

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