Digital Projection Enhances Technical Expertise of HiLights Team through Comprehensive Training Session

Digital Projection provided an extensive technical training session for HiLights’ technical team at HiLights headquarters in Cairo, Egypt. This training program was specifically designed to equip our technical team with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills necessary for optimizing the performance of Digital Projection’s projectors. The training took place over three days and the focus was on two projector platforms: the Titan Laser projector and the M-vision laser projector.

The technical training covered a wide range of topics, including troubleshooting tips, understanding status indicators and error logs, software and firmware updates, optical alignments, and identifying and replacing main components. This comprehensive curriculum ensured that the HiLights technical team received in-depth knowledge about Digital Projection’s products.

During the first day, the training covered first-level maintenance, while the following two days focused more on advanced maintenance techniques. This structure allowed our technical team to build a strong foundation before moving on to more complex topics.

Digital Projection emphasized the importance of knowledge transfer from their global headquarters to their valued partners in the field. By providing training sessions like this, they affirm their commitment to supporting their projectors in real-world scenarios. The training sessions are conducted by experienced tech support staff, ensuring our team receives the highest level of technical knowledge possible.

The technical training session provided by Digital Projection to the HiLights technical team was thorough and valuable. It equipped HiLights’ technical team with the skills and knowledge needed to ensure optimal performance and client satisfaction when working with Digital Projection’s projectors.

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